Greg Laubenstein

Just Stop For One Day

In Uncategorized on August 14, 2011 at 9:46 pm

 I figured the best way to start a blog about Programming is to discuss what programmers don’t do enough of. We find ourselves spending day after day glued into our favorite IDE debugging some tedious little error. Or constantly awaiting and researching the next big update of our favorite programming language that we forget about the big picture.

Not just the big picture in programming or technology, but in life. The picture on the left is a beach on the west coast of Michigan. Why? Because at that beach I had zero cell phone reception and no internet access. For that time on the beach I was free. I didn’t know the latest articles on TheNextWeb were, I didn’t know what JQuery Mobile was planning to add to their next release. The idea sounded horrifying, but it was actually beyond refreshing. I came back and had some of the most productive programming of my life that next week.

As fun and exciting as technology has become, programmers and users alike need to take a step back and remember the technology we have today are tools to help us have fun and be more productive. The purpose is not let the the technology itself consume our every waking hour. Too many of us forget to take advantage of all the enjoyment of physical world. As the physical and virtual world become more and more intertwined it is more and more detrimental that we take time out of our days to do something else than stare at a bright LCD screen squinting over segmentation faults. It’s time to ride our bikes to a farmers market to relish in the taste of fresh fruit without the status update.


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